BLM and Your Mental Health

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So currently in the world, there’s a pretty big movement trying to happen. That would be the Black Lives Matter Movement. I know some of you may be tired of hearing about it but I’m not here trying to convince you it’s good or bad. I’m just here to tell you my opinion on it. I’m here to tell you guys how I’ve been feeling with everything going on and maybe some of y’all might feel the same.

To start off, if you don’t know, the Black Lives Matter movement is a human rights movement that is trying to end violence and systemic racism towards black people.

A few weeks ago, a black man named George Floyd was killed by a white police officer in USA. This officer kneeled on Floyd’s neck for almost 9 minutes because it was thought that Floyd tried to pay with a counterfeit bill. Take away the black and white and see it as a human killing another for something as small as that (which could’ve been an accident as counterfeit bills do sometimes end up in circulation for a while until they’re found out). Then we can see the cruelty of this police officers actions.

Obviously this event sparked anger throughout the States, and as well as the rest of the world and has showed everyone the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now I know I said I’m not here to convince you to support the movement, but if you would like to I have links at the bottom of this post with multiple resources and charities you can learn and donate to.

Anyways the reason I’d like to talk about BLM is because of the social media attention it has garnered in the past couple weeks.

Suddenly, everyone is posting links, resources and pictures to advocate for the BLM. Not to say this is a bad thing but after a while it starts to weigh on you. Especially when people you are following and who follow you back think that because you are not posting as much as them about BLM, then you do not care and are in fact racist.

The thing is, not everyone needs to speak about BLM or even any movement on human rights. We just need everyone to listen. Everyone is entitled to take time away from social media, to take time for themselves and reflect on how they feel about the issue and how they could help. Just because someone is not constantly posting and sharing things about it does not mean they are immediately against the movement.

Another thing that I know my friends and I are very frustrated with is the feeling of helplessness. We want change to happen but sometimes it feels futile. Although the protests are creating waves across America and the world, what are the next steps? How will we make sure this change is permanent?

There’s so many questions that stem off BLM and the protests that are occurring. I don’t have answers and I’m not sure anyone has any feasible and realistic ones just yet.

Because of this, my friends and I spend hours feeling helpless. Even though we support the movement, donate to the causes and try to educate others on what it is, it still feels like not enough is changing.

However, from reflecting the past few days I realize that the world is changing. 2020 has definitely not been what anyone imagined, but if this BLM movement takes off and we can take steps towards treating all humans equal, then it may just turn out to be the best year yet.

Something I have learned from my mental health journey that I continually have to remind myself of is that change doesn’t always come in big ways. Any change (either big or small) that progresses you towards your end goal, is something to be proud of. It shows progress, growth and strength.

I know, at least for me it is easier said than done to have that mindset, but I personally think it’s a great one to try to adapt. No matter how big or small the problem, to try and solve it, we always have to take steps. Nothing happens all at once, so every step which is getting you a little closer to the end is a good thing.

One other thing I’d like to say is that, if you support the BLM movement and want to help make a change, don’t feel pressured to be advocating as much as others, or donating as much others. As long as everyone does what they can and tries to the best of their ability, change will come.

Finally, I’d just like to say that especially now, since a lot of countries are still on lockdown, seeing the BLM movement and all the posts may be overwhelming to some (I know at times it is for me). It is okay to take a break from everything. To turn off the tv, put down the phone and just focus on yourself for a little.

Yes I advocate for BLM but I also advocate for one’s self. If you’re not feeling your best and doing your best, how are you supposed to help anyone else. You may be able to a little, but we all do our best work when we’re feeling the best possible.

To end of this post I’m going to post a few links to some charities, and some sites that can educate you more on the BLM movement if you’d like to know more!

General link on how to help:

Resources to educate yourself:

What is Black Lives Matter:

There are many more resources available to everyone that can be found with a quick google search!

Advocate for what is right, advocate for what you believe in, but also remember to take care of yourself.

With lots of love,

Your Mental Health Mathie