About Me

Hello 🙂

If you’ve read my first post then a lot of this will be repetition but c’est la vie.

I am a Mathematics student at The University of Waterloo. Clearly I am a nerd at heart and get excited about the weirdest things. My favourite animals are elephants and absolutely any type of big cat. I guess dolphins too actually. (I’m kind of awful at picking favs).

Anyways, I love all things Netflix, Disney, Marvel and every crime tv show ever. Basically if I’m not in front of a tv/computer screen, you’ll find me in the kitchen baking something sweet (favs include anything with chocolate).

In November 2018, after the urging of friends, I decided to reach out for help on my mental health. It was then the doctor told me I had depression and anxiety (something I knew yet denied to myself for years). In January 2019 I began to take Celexa which is an SSRI, a common form of antidepressant, and later that year I attended therapy for a few months.

Despite all this, I always have a smile on my face (sometimes even when crying or angry which is frustrating lol) which is one of the reasons I was able to hide my depression/anxiety for so long.

I hope that through this blog, it not only helps me further my mental health but also helps anyone out there who may need a helping hand or someone to relate to.

If you want to more, check out my second and third posts :).