Coping Mechanisms

Hey :).

So oops I have not written in a while. I’ve started two new posts but I just don’t know how to end them. So I’m writing a quick one now while I sit in the tub haha.

Anyways over the past week I’ve been pretty stressed with school so I thought I would write about some coping mechanisms again. And what’s good and bad about each of them.

To start, my biggest coping mechanism during school is still sleeping. If I get too overwhelmed or stressed I’ll take a nap to try and forget stuff for a while. When I wake up I usually feel so so or about the same as when I went to sleep. It’s definitely not a very helpful coping mechanism in my opinion but sometimes when I really need to shut the world out it’s what I go to. However, I can happily say that I have been turning to this less and less.

Another coping mechanism is either Netflix or baking or sometimes knitting. All of these get my mind off of my school work while also making me feel a little better because I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my day away doing nothing (although we can definitely argue Netflix might be wasting time haha). I prefer trying to do another activity than immediately nap because it makes me feel better and puts me in a headspace to try and tackle my problems again.

One thing I have found myself doing again that is definitely not healthy is stop eating. I’ve noticed when I become stressed I eat a lot. However when I become overwhelmed I stop eating altogether. It’s not on purpose but my body just doesn’t feel hungry and I forget to eat. Today, I only realized I didn’t eat anything at 4:00pm and even then I still wasn’t hungry. However, I knew I needed food so I had a light snack of fruits to keep myself going.

I know that the same thing happens to my friends so we check in on each other about eating when we know the other is stressed and overwhelmed. Having a reliable and trustworthy support system honestly does make everything a little easier because you know you’ll always have someone there to help you.

One final thing I want to say is that while on my SSRI’s I find I need a lot more water than while I wasn’t on them. Not sure if it’s just me or a proven thing but either way, water definitely not only is great because we need it to survive but it helps every part of your body.

I know this post was a little rushed and a mess but I just wasn’t feeling up to anything this week. I’ll do better on my next one haha.

With lots of love,

Your Mental Health Mathie 🙂

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