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Meds and Coping

Hello 🙂 Everyone can relate to life getting busy/stressful and getting in the way of things. You set goals to start working out, eat healthier, drink more water, have a set sleep schedule etc., however one little thing can derail those plans. For me, whenever I say I want to workout more and eat healthier, […]


Oops disappeared again. Quite literally this time in my real life as well. Although I was having an actual breakdown again. I thought I was done with those but I guess not. Since the pandemic, I moved back home with my parents and did school online. Over the last 6 months I’ve just been feeling […]

Family and Forgiveness

Hi :)! Okay so inspiration struck so this post is happening sooner than I expected lol. Where I’m living we are currently in our third wave of COVID-19 and therefore our third lockdown. So life hasn’t changed a lot in the sense that I am still living with my parents and sister. Everyone’s experience during […]

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