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Family and Forgiveness

Hi :)! Okay so inspiration struck so this post is happening sooner than I expected lol. Where I’m living we are currently in our third wave of COVID-19 and therefore our third lockdown. So life hasn’t changed a lot in the sense that I am still living with my parents and sister. Everyone’s experience during […]

Hi Again

Oops it has been a long time. I had a rough semester last summer and then I decided to make some unwise decisions of course. This time around it being to make myself so busy that I couldn’t possibly have time to feel anything except tiredness. I went to full time school and worked 2 […]

Knowing Yourself

Hey :). So a life update I have is that I got a part time job. I actually think it’s really helping me. So basically before I got the job, most of my day consisted of procrastinating homework by either watching Netflix or napping. Now I find myself having to time manage otherwise I’d fall […]

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